Natural acne & wrinkle reducer

To prevent acne and wrinkles naturally, you need a natural cleanser, natural skin lubricant and natural skin moisturizer. Avoid aggressive rubbing of the face. Usually acne and wrinkles are caused by hormonal changes such as changes in puberty, birth control pills, menopause etc. Excessive use of commercial creams could cause more harm than good because they contain chemical fragrances and toxic mixtures that penetrate the lipid layer and the body end up expediting energy and its natural aging fighters to combat these chemicals thereby increasing the aging process. Dealing with this problem also helps the immune system aside the fact that they are safe, absorbed easily and encourage cell regeneration.

Wrinkles is caused by the aging process, poor diet, stress diet, stress, anxiety, and sudden weight loss. Eating too much of carbs should be avoided as this affects the insulin levels thereby causing an imbalance of hormones and oil production.
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1.      Raw Honey
Honey is known to contain antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is a natural cleanser that doesn’t allow the skin to dry out while maintaining the skin moisture at the necessary pH level. This is because the enzymes it contains assist in boosting cell functions, removes dead skin, promote cell growth, removes acne and eliminates wrinkles.

Ways to use honey:
a.      Use honey as a facial mask and wash off after 20 minutes. This will assist to moisturize the face.
b.      Wash your face with a blended mixture of honey, lemon and little water. This will eliminate acne.
c.      For anti-aging mask, mix raw honey, dry oats, avocado and lemon into a paste.
d.     To avoid wrinkles, eat ginger with honey before breakfast.
e.      Work turmeric into a paste with rose water and honey. Apply on neck, face, hands and feet to remove wrinkles.

2.     Natural Oils
Natural oils is a natural skin-softening moisturizer and they also can prevent the formation of free radicals which are one of the primary causes of early aging.
a.      Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer which delays wrinkles and sagging skin.
b.      Olive Oil: Olive oil is an anti-inflammatory oil which helps protects against free radicals. Olive oil was used by the Egyptians as a cosmetic product. It helps to protect against sun damage and after exposure and it contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins A and E, which fights the skin-damaging free radicals.
c.      Vitamin E Oil: Use of Vitamin E oil is also very effective as an anti-aging oil
d.     Other oils which are good for the following includes any of the following:
                                                              i.      Meadow foam Seed Oil
                                                           ii.      Coconut Oil Beeswax
                                                         iii.      Shea Butter
                                                          iv.      Vitamin E Oil
                                                            v.      Carrot Seed oil
                                                          vi.      Frankincense oil
                                                       vii.      Lavender oil
                                                     viii.      Rosehip Seed Oil
                                                          ix.      Sweet Almond Oil
                                                            x.      Jojoba Oil
                                                          xi.      Apricot Kernel Oil
                                                       xii.      Cypress Essential oil
                                                     xiii.      Geranium Essential oil
                                                      xiv.      Frankincense Essential Oil
                                                        xv.      Evening Primrose Oil
                                                      xvi.      Macadamia Nut Oil

3.     Drink lots of water
Water helps to cleanse and hydrate our cells. It also helps in diet control

4.    Egg Whites
This is a treatment which has been used for centuries for an instant face list. It is also used as a hair conditioner. Egg whites are full of protein for tissue repair and growth, potassium to preserve the moisture in skin cells, fiboflavin to eliminate toxins and free radicals that are known to cause wrinkles, and magnesium, which slows down the aging process and makes skin radiant. Egg whites also contain lysozyme, which digests the cell walls of acne-causing bacteria. Apply on the face for 20 minutes before washing it off. You can also use it as a makeup primer and use all day. You can also apply only at evenings before bed and wash off in the mornings. You can use it with mashed bananas.

5.     Natural Juice
Natural juice provides the skin with vitamins, minerals and the necessary hydrations for its functions. The below are some natural juice, which are good for the skin:
a.     Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera gel has wound-healing and soothing effects when applied to the skin and can ease the healing process with its anti-inflammatory properties. It is one of the best sources of collagen thereby making the skin to produce less wrinkles and sagging skin thereby rejuvenating the skin. It also to detoxify the digestive system and taken orally. It is one of the best ways to prevent and reduce under eye wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. It easily absorbs into the skin and is very soothing. Aloe Vera is the cheapest and the most powerful anti-wrinkle treatment on earth. Aloe works from the inside out to reverse your aged-skin by promoting new collagen production and preventing breakdown of existing collagen.
b.    Lemon Juice
Lemon is known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten the skin pores. It also whitens the skin.
c.     Cucumber Juice
Cucumber tightens, lightens, hydrates, and tones the skin, while protecting it from dryness, peeling, or cracking. IT contains a variety of vitamins and helps to guard from inflammation, and neutralize free radicles, which are known to cause premature aging

6.      Baking Soda

Baking soda functions as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells that may be covering up smoother, younger-looking skin beneath. It suggests mixing three parts baking soda to one part water and using the paste as a facial scrub. Regularly exfoliating wrinkles can help to slough away dead, dull, dry skin; although it will not remove wrinkles entirely, it can encourage cell turnover and reveal an all-over fresher look.


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